Major Regions of Mihd

During their time, the titans each claimed a section of Mihd for their own, and society still largely accepts these borders.

Beaches and Ocean of Leviathan

Leviathan, being primarily an ocean dweller, commanded the second largest ocean of Mihd, called simply the Leviathan Ocean. The result was a series of great merchant kingdoms that spread across most of the ocean. However, centuries ago, an aggressive incursion of Leviathan’s titanspawn, the soul suckers, completely destroyed one of the kingdoms in the main trade route, fracturing what was once a secure alliance of mercantile powers.

Forests and Plains of Behemoth

On the southern border of Leviathan’s lands, a great stretch of forest covers most of the southern hemisphere. These are the unsettled lands that once belonged to Behemoth. Several neighboring kingdoms are attempting to bring civilization to the forest, but the barbarians that call the forest home are fighting back, and even have Behemoth’s titanspawn, the minotaurs, on their side.

Barren Wastes of Dragon

In ancient times, Dragon and its armies used their fire with great liberty to defend their lands east of Leviathan’s domain. The effects still linger to this day, as food and water both are scarce. Yet still the descendants of dragon endure, waging endless wars for the region’s meager resources. Dragon’s titanspawn, the drakes, are all but extinct, though legend says that one man will soon rise to wake the drakes, and the world will tremble before his power.

Deserts and Oases of Phoenix

Between the shattered lands of Dragon and the verdant lands of Kraken lie the mysterious descendants of Phoenix. Outsiders rarely have interaction with Phoenicians due to the harsh surrounding climate and roving packs of Phoenix’s titanspawn, the cockatrices. This forced isolation, combined with their advanced sciences and mathematics give the Phoenicians little reason to ever leave.

Swamps and Marshlands of Hydra

Good land is difficult to come by in the swampy mess that is the lands of Hydra. Massive citystates were constructed in early days to take advantage of what good land existed. Unable to build out, the oldest cities have been forced to grow up, constructing massive towers in rich areas, and shabby multi-level hovels in the poorer parts. Deep in the marshlands exist demented cults that worship Hydra’s titanspawn, the Naga.

Mountains and Icelands of Giant

Forming a natural border between the lands of Kraken and Leviathan, the aptly named Giant Mountains extend all the way to the northern pole of the world. The descendants of giant have created vast mountain kingdoms all along the mountain range, though they hesitate to venture too far north. The arctic circle has been claimed by Giant’s titanspawn, the ogres.

Peaceful, Bountiful Lands of Kraken

Kraken, another ocean dwelling titan, claimed the largest, deepest ocean of Mihd and graced the surrounding lands with lush, fertile land. For their part, the descendants of Kraken have always given freely of their bounty in exchange for peace. The few kingdoms that have tried to take advantage of this peaceful nature were met with a powerful, fervent military. The titanspawn of Kraken, the flayers, have not been seen in centuries, though one cannot help but feel they are here amongst us. Waiting.

Major Regions of Mihd

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