Eons ago, Mihd was ruled by seven incredible titans: Kraken, Leviathan, Dragon, Phoenix, Behemoth, Giant, and Hydra. Over centuries, the titans waged war upon one another by creating armies in their own image. These armies were made of the seven races of men, as well as the terrifying titanspawn, shock troopers of the vast titan armies. Though the titans long ago left Mihd, their races, spawn, and divine influence remain.

Now the age of discovery has dawned upon Mihd. The first ocean capable vessels have been created, and kingdoms and empires alike seek to expand their influence. At the same time, the uncivilized lands continue to hold to their old ways and fall farther and farther behind the technology curve. To stay competitive in an ever more hostile world, drastic measures will have to be taken on all sides. Dark arcane secrets, long shunned by society, may yet rise again to the detriment of all.

At any moment, Mihd could become embroiled in a world war not seen since the age of the titans. Where will you be when your home descends into chaos?

Titans of Mihd

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